Import a CA Certificate using the CLI
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Import a CA Certificate using the CLI


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


You do not have access to the management console and would like to import a CA certificate using the CLI.


  1. Log in to the CLI then enter the commands in the following steps.
  2. en
    • then enter the enable password
  3. conf t
  4. ssl
  5. inline ca-certificate nameforcert eof
    • nameforcert is a name for the certificate on the proxy
    • eof is any string that you will enter to tell the CLI that you have finished pasting the cert
  6. Copy the PEM format of the certificate to your clipboard and paste in the CLI
  7. Enter the eof string

At this point the ca certificate is added to the proxy, however, the SSL proxy validates certificates for the server connection through the browser-trusted CCL list by default. The cert will need to be added to this list. Continuing in CLI from the previous point:

  1. edit ccl browser-trusted
  2. add nameforcert

Below is a sample session to complement the instructions, where ACNLB is the nameforcert and endofcert is the eof:

User-added image

User-added image