List of known and fixed issues in ServiceDesk 8.5 and its Release Updates.
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List of known and fixed issues in ServiceDesk 8.5 and its Release Updates.


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List of known and fixed issues in ServiceDesk 8.5 and its Release Updates. This is not a new information, the information is gathered into a single place from individual Release Update Release Notes.


ServiceDesk 8.5

What's new in ServiceDesk:

  1. Updated the theme of all the forms. The Themes of all the forms is now updated to match the new Process Manager format.
  2. Option to edit Business Services Process Association is added. From this release onwards, you can Add and Remove a Business Services Process Association s with a ServiceDesk Incident.
  3. Improved Email monitor processes. Performance of the Email monitor processes is now faster.
  4. New Installation readiness check. A new installation readiness check is added to ensure that ServiceDesk is not installed on the Notification Server computer.
  5. Pre-built automation libraries for Incident, Problem, and Change modules. Incident, Problem, and Change Data Types are now refactored to include pre-built automation libraries.

Fixed issues:

  1. TECH236182. There is no option to add or modify a Business Service association with a Change or an Incident.
  2. When an incident is submitted via email, the location is not automatically associated to the incident.
  3. TECH240565. Relate Incident to NS Asset creates date format in NSE based on service account regional settings. However, Notification Server NSE processing is not able to properly process other date formats than US English.
  4. Symantec Supervisors role does not have Data Class Read permissions for some entities.
  5. TECH249434. An Implementer Comment that is longer than 254 characters throws an error and does not allow to proceed.
  6. Initiate Voting on Change ticket can time out when CAB has many (20+) members. When the timeout occurs, the Change ticket is not properly in voting state and this causes problems with Change ticket.
  7. When on the advanced Submit Incident form, a user accidentally clicks Resolve button, returning to the main form by clicking Cancel requires the Resolution to be filled.
  8. SD.IncidentManagementSimple.EndUserRequest form fails when getting Departments/Locations fails.

Known issues:

  1. TECH230728: On the Reports > Service and Asset Management > Servicedesk > Find Servicedesk Changes For Asset page the URL listed in the URLtoChange column does not open a web page. Workaround: Manually copy the URL and paste it in a new browser window.
  2. Characters or symbols such as apostrophe, which are included in the text that is submitted through ServiceDesk forms are displayed as html-encoded in the Process View page, and in any subsequent form control where the Remove HTML option is not selected. In the latter case, an application error can occur because HTML that is detected in a form raises a security-related exception in the workflow engine when the form is submitted.
  3. While upgrading to ServiceDesk 8.x, the Symantec.ServiceDesk.Licensing.dll is not updated.
  4. Problem Management extended data breaks the ruleset components in SD.ProblemManagement.

ServiceDesk 8.5 RU1

Fixed issues:

  1. For localized languages, if you set an incident with Set Ownership or Reassign Ticket Smart task, the incident status is displayed in the localized language.
  2. Paging does not work properly on reports with grouping. It is applied to the group instead of the individual items.
  3. TECH252302. The Incident End User Confirmation form does not load.
  4. TECH249300. ServiceDesk reports permissions are not applied to any reports or report categories.
  5. SD.Email.InboundManagement cannot add process permissions on EM ticket and contact in IM ticket when the incoming email is from a user that does not exist in the Process Manager.
  6. TECH252388. Missing Expose HoldDate and HoldReason from ImIncidentTicket table as variables for Email Templates.
  7. Edit Incident does not let you change an affected user to a non-ServiceDesk user.
  8. OnTicketEdited form rule set does not work and there is no comment.
  9. ServiceDesk core libraries are deleted if you roll back the upgrade to ServiceDesk 8.x.
  10. When you place a ticket on hold, the date and the time values do not match the UTC.
  11. ServiceDeskAPI is enabled by default.
  12. If you click on any link of a ServiceDeskAPI page, the missing assembly reference error is displayed.
  13. ServiceDesk report categories are not available in the Workflow Copy Report page.

Known issues:

Same as 8.5