Web Isolation: Server-Client Time Synchronization
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Web Isolation: Server-Client Time Synchronization


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Web Isolation


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A secure connection is not established between the Web Isolation platform and the end user’s computer. This failure to connect results from differences in time settings between the two machines.


Both the Web Isolation platform and the end user’s operating system ought to synchronize their respective date and time automatically, using NTP servers. Failure to do so will result in discrepancies in times between the two systems. In such cases, secure connection (using SSL) is likely to fail.


Make sure both the Web Isolation instance and the end user’s computer are synchronized with the company’s NTP servers or with globally available ones. Verify that the NTP server is enabled for every gateway, or manually synchronize the two machines.

For further information, see the Symantec Threat Isolation Platform (STIP) Guide for Administrators section on Configuring Security Policy Settings > Defining a Threat Isolation Gateway.