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Web Isolation: Minimum Requirements


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Web Isolation


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User cannot connect to the Web Isolation platform because the installed browser doesn’t meet minimum Web Isolation requirements. Or, user can connect, yet connectivity is very sluggish, and system response is slow.


Web Isolation detects incompatible browser versions. In this case, Symantec Threat Isolation returns a block page, redirecting the user to index.html.

The endpoint browser can still connect to the Web Isolation platform, even if its hardware specification does not meet the minimum requirements, such as for RAM and CPU cores. However, the user experience will be degraded.


Make sure the end user’s computer meets at least the minimum requirements for the operating system, browser, and hardware specification. Symantec requires setting up the end user’s computer to include:

  • A compatible operating system
  • A supported browser version.
  • Endpoints graded at or above the Web Isolation platform’s minimum specifications.

For further information, see the Symantec Threat Isolation Platform (STIP) Guide for Administrators section on Installing the Symantec Threat Isolation Platform > System Requirements.