About Address Registration
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About Address Registration


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 Role of Address Registration with Symantec Email Cloud.


Address Registration enables you to register your known email addresses. The service can then reject email sent to any addresses not on this list.

Address Registration also enables you to use the quarantine option for Anti-Spam filter settings and for Data Protection policy actions.

Address Registration prevents dictionary attacks on your Inbound Route and prevents unwanted emails from reaching your infrastructure.


(Before turning Address Registration on, be sure to add all of the valid email addresses and email aliases for the domain. Email addresses that are not listed in the Address Registration for the domain will be rejected once it is enabled.)

To Turn ON Address Registration, Navigate to Email Security.cloud Portal -> Users & Groups -> Address Registration.

Address Registration Page.

Click the Off Button so that it opens the option box and select ON. Wait at least 1 hour for propagation.

To find out if an address is already registered in Address Registration, click on the desired domain in the Address Registration Page and search using the Search option.

Email Addresses can be added in Address Registration via 4 ways:

  • You can manually add them by clicking on the domain in the Address Registration Page.
  • Email addresses get automatically added in Address Registration when you send at least one Outbound Email to a Third Party Recipient.
  • Email addresses can be updated using the Schemus Synchronization Tool.
  • Email addresses can be downloaded, merged, or replaced by uploading a CSV file. In the Address Registration Page, click the Download or Upload link for the specified domain.