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After downloading the Symantec Installation Manager setup file, you're prompted to select a program to open the file.


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IT Management Suite


Customer downloaded the Symantec Installation Manager (SIM) and was prompted to select a program to open the file that was downloaded.


Issue was isolated to a stripped extension, or suffix, on the file name.  When the SIM downloads, it normally downloads as a executable file, or .exe.  However, this file might miss the suffix for a number of reasons, including renaming the download and environmental policies.  Re-adding the appendix to the file resolved the issue.

To add the .exe extension:

1. Right click on the file that was downloaded and select Rename.

2. Hit the End key on the keyboard, then type in .exe

3. Hit enter or click outside the file name box. 

After this, the file should launch as normal and installation proceed without issue.