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'Prepare PXE packages to support iPXE' option is available to check when iPXE isn't installed


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Ghost Solution Suite


When creating a new PXE boot menu option while in the PXE Configuration Utility the option to 'Prepare PXE packages to support iPXE' is available to be checked even though iPXE has not been installed.

There is not error message involved with this issue.  An option is available to use even though it should not be.


Ghost Solution Suite 3.3


This issue has been resolved in GSS 3.3 RU2, the checkbox is no longer active in the dialog to create a new PE if iPXE is not installed.

Prior to that version please be advised that to utilize iPXE as a feature, iPXE must first be installed and checking the box without it installed does not install or configure iPXE.

With regards to the edit PE dialog in GSS 3.3 RU2 or newer please be aware of the change detailed in TECH252792.