MTP Mobile App FAQs
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MTP Mobile App FAQs


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MTP Mobile App FAQs

  • Enterprise Benefits
  • App Requirements
  • In-App Remediation
  • How Remediation Works
  • Safe Search


What are the enterprise benefits of the MTP Mobile App?

Enhanced Device Protection

The MTP Mobile App provides additional on-device detection beyond what is available from your EMM solution. The MTP Mobile App provides additional:

Device protection: Device-related vulnerabilities such as Device Does Not Encrypt Storage can be detected.

Enhanced App protection: Directly communicates public mobile app threat information based on your custom App Policy set, and also detects sideloaded app threats on Android.

Network protection: Network-related attacks such as Man-in-the-Middle can be detected.

See the Compliance > Threat Indicators tab for the complete list of TIs. Additional TIs are deployed on a regular basis.

Appthority App Policies, Device Policies, and Remediation

The app works with Appthority App and Device Threat Indicators, App and Device Policies, and Remediation Policies. 

The app sends detection information back to Appthority MTP, where TIs are flagged and any relevant policies are triggered. Remediation Policies can alert end users directly on their device when a policy is violated and provide instructions for remediation. If there is an EMM integration, the Remediation Policy can alert the EMM to the issue as well.

In addition, with the MTP Mobile App you get the benefits of MTT-Managed App and Device Policies that are released when new malicious threats are discovered. These policies automatically go into effect and immediately start detecting issues.


Safe Search

Another benefit of the MTP Mobile App is the "Safe Search" feature, that allows end users to pre-screen apps before they download them from app stores.

In the Help see Remediate Threats Using the MTP Mobile App and Safe Search for Mobile Apps


What are the requirements for deploying the MTP Mobile App?

The MTP Mobile App runs on Android and iOS devices. For iOS the app must be signed.

You can either:

  • Configure your EMM to get the app from an app store. See the Help for your EMM. 
  • For Android, you can instruct your users to download the app from the Play Store.
  • Download it directly from MTP Manager. In the Help see Deploy the Mobile App Directly


What remediation actions can the mobile app execute?

The MTP Mobile App on iOS and Android can receive push notifications from MTP Cloud. The notification alerts the user to threats detected on the device and strongly suggests remediation actions.



How does remediation work for the MTP Mobile App vs. through the EMM?

Appthority MTP can remediate direct to end user devices with the MTP Mobile App installed. MTP remediation includes alerting the user about newly detected mobile threats, suggesting or requiring certain actions be taken on the device to remove the threat, and monitoring the device for compliance on new threats and existing threats that are in the process of being resolved. Appthority MTP can first attempt to remediate a mobile threat direct to the user device before escalating to the EMM for further action in the event the user’s device is not brought into compliance.

EMM enforcement can involve restricting network or data access for the user until the device is compliant. Appthority MTP can continue to monitor devices for compliance, and continue sending remediation push notifications and/or escalations to the EMM, until the device is compliant. 


What is "Safe Search"?

The Safe Search feature is a way to pre-screen mobile apps before going to the app store for download. See the Help about the MTP Mobile App.