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Software component associations are removed from Software Product if the Name is changed


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Software Management Solution


Software component associations are removed from Software Product if the Name is changed. This issue was seen using the following process:

  1. Open up the Software Catalog (manage)
  2. From the undefined, newly discovered list, choose software that has been found by inventory.
  3. Click the right arrow to move it to 'managed'.
  4. Keep the defaults, ensuring that it shows at least one install in the component list under identify inventory.
  5. Save the Product.
  6. Open up the Product again and change the name field (not under Identify inventory, but the name of the Product itself).
  7. Save the Product.
  8. Run from Microsoft Task Scheduler: NS.Nightly... twice. Sometimes it takes 2 times to occur, but never more than 2.
  9. Open up the Product again. Note that the component under identify inventory is gone.

If you check the option: Include components assigned to other products,
it reappears. If applied, it will show that it will change the assignment from blank (nothing) to the current Product.


This issue is fixed in version 8.5.

For version 8.1 RU7, a point-fix is provided to address this issue.

  1. Log onto the Notification Server as the Application Identity account.
  2. Download the attached archive to a folder not in the install directory for Altiris.
  3. Execute PFInstaller2.exe and choose to install.

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