Ghost Peer to Peer multicast imaging randomly fails
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Ghost Peer to Peer multicast imaging randomly fails


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Deployment Solution


When using the Peer to Peer multicasting built into Ghost (using -mp switch), client machines will randomly drop out of the multicast 

Ghost doesn't provide any logs that help to determine what is causing the issue.


GSS 3.x and DS 8.x


By default, the client systems (slave systems) wait one second to receive data from the master system (the one in charge of the multicast session). If a response is not received within that second, the client systems fail-over to unicast. 


The issue can be worked around by adding the parameter '-readtimeout' to the command line and giving it a value of '-2'. E.g '-readtimeout=2'.  This command tells the client to wait '2' seconds for the master to respond before dropping into a unicast session.  This value can be raised further should the issue continue to occur.

Steps to add the switch:


Add '-readtimeout=2' to the imaging jobs command line parameters

DS 8.x

  1. Select the Deploy image task
  2. Click on the 'Advanced' Button
  3. Under command line options enter '-readtimeout=2'
  4. Click 'OK'
  5. Click 'Save Changes'