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Edit Incident does not work due to localized status


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When using browser with localized language to Reassign Incident or Set Incident Ownership status is set to a localized value. This prevents certain other tasks like Edit Incident as we check for English status values.

Incident classification The accident is not in a correct state. To change the classification information, the incident status must be Received or Assigned. The current state of the incident is "Assegnato"


Product defect


This issue will be fixed in ServiceDesk 8.5 RU2.


The problem is in the Incident Management Forms project which can be modified to set the statuses in the database to the static English values not localized ones. This is the way it is currently intended but there are a few localized values being set.

1. Open SD.Forms.IncidentManagement project.
2. 'Set Ownership' model > 'Set Process State/Status = Assigned' component >
'Configuration' tab > Result: [[Strings].Status_Assigned] - Change this to
'Constant Value' and set value to 'Assigned'
3. 'Set Ownership' model > 'Set Status on Ticket (Assigned)' component > Merge
Data: [[Strings].Status_Assigned] - Change this to 'Assigned'
4. There are same components in 'Reassign Ticket' model, modify these in same
way as well.
5. Save the project and publish.

Note that the fix will not apply to the already affected tickets but any tickets whose ownership gets changed or tickets gets reassigned after the changes have been applied. Already affected incidents can have ownership set again or reassigned to bring them out of problematic state.