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WCCP issues after upgrading to SGOS 6.7.4.x


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


After upgrading to SGOS 6.7.4.x, the network experiences issues with WCCP


SGOS 6.7.4.x uses WCCPv2 revision 1, which allows IPv6 support. This can cause a conflict if the proxy is configured to use revision 1 and other objects in the WCCP service group have not upgraded to WCCPv2 revision1


The solution is to either upgrade the other devices (Switch/router) in your WCCP service group to WCCPv2 revision 1 (v2.01), or, if that is not possible, configure using WCCPv1. This solution applies to all SGOS version between to Starting with SGOS WCCP version 2 would be backward compatible like older SGOS version . If WCCP group is using IPv4 addresses SGOS will automatically adjust WCCP to v2.00 (like older SGOS version) ,when WCCP group is using IPv6 addresses it upgrade to v2.01. SGOS will manage this dynamically, No additional configuration change is needed.