Troubleshooting health check failing issues
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Troubleshooting health check failing issues


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The purpose of this article is to provide initial troubleshooting steps when a health check is failing.


The first thing we want to do when we have a failing health check is try to force a health check manually while capturing traffic in a packet capture so that we can see what happened during the connection attempt. This can be done as follows:

  • Go to Maintenance > Service Information > Packet Captures
  • Apply packet capture filter depending on the health check that has issues. Some examples:

For an Authentication realm health check: "port 53 or port 88 or port 389"

For an ICAP or Forwarding host health check: "host" ( being the ICAP or forwarding server's IP)

For DRTR health checks: "host"

For DNS Server health check: 'port 53' (by default it tries to resolve IP address for but this can be changed in health check configuration)

  • Start the capture
  • Go to Configuration > Health Checks > Select the failing health check and click on "Perform Health Check" once (letting it finish).
  • Stop the capture
  • Send the In order to send information to Symantec Technical Support:

-Go to Maintenance > Service Information > Send Information > Send Service Information tab
-Enter the case number
-Check the Packet Capture, Sysinfo and Event Log before clicking Send.