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Migrating cloud enabled management machine to a new SMP server


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


Customer has an existing Cloud enabled management server.   They built a new SMP server and Gateway server.  When they migrated the users to the new machine the CEM agent would not connect.

CEM agents could not connect to the new server over CEM.


The new server has a new Agent CA certificate that signed all the agents on the original SMP server.   When they exported the communication profile from the new SMP server they did not choose the option to export the CEM information.   They imported it on the old server and pointed the agent to the new servers communication profile.


ITMS 8.1 


When pointing machines from an existing SMP with CEM agents you need to have the new SMP server up and configure the CEM environment.   Then you need to export the communication profile from the new server and make sure to put a check in the "Export Cloud-enabled configuration for CEM agents"  option.  You will then import this on the old SMP server and use the communication profile to point the agents to it.   When the agents check in they will get the updated information and be redirected to the new SMP server.  

To export the communication profile:

1.  Open the console

2.  Go to Settings>Agents/Plug-ins>Symantec Management Agent>Symantec Management Agent Communication Profiles

3.  Right click on the SMP communication profile and select Export, then enter a password and make sure to check the "Export Cloud-enabled configuration for CEM agents"

4.  This will export the information to an XML file and can then be imported on the old SMP server to redirect the agents.


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