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Endless Redirecting Page when trying to log into Cloud Workload Protection.


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Cloud Workload Protection


When trying to login into the Cloud Workload Protection console the user receives an endless redirecting page rather than the console when trying to log in. 

No error but the page never gets past a white redirecting page status. 


If Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)  is enabled in the CWP Domain then it is likely that after verifying the user account and setting up a password the 2FA didn't get completed. 


Cloud Workload Protection (CWP) Configured for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Note: To check if your CWP is configured for 2FA some one who is able to login to the console and is set with Super Admin rights can navigate to Settings> General Settings and review the Two-Factor Authentication check box if it is checked or not.  If it is checked proceed to the Solution section below. 


If this is the case the 2FA is enabled then have the user perform the following

  • Go to
  • Click Setup MultiFactor Authentication
  • Go through process to complete the 2FA. 


For more information on how to set up 2FA see