S500 appliance unable to boot Hardware diagnostics
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S500 appliance unable to boot Hardware diagnostics


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DLP-S500 MAA-S500 Reporter-S500 PacketShaper S-Series CAS-S500 ASG-S500 SG-S500


S500 appliance is failing to load Hardware Diagnostics version 

When booting a S500 into Hardware diagnostics the appliance outputs the following then hangs:


console reset...install drivers.............


The issue is a bug where it references a non-existant file when a Fiber card is present, causing the system to hang on load.


This is a known issue with the S500 Hardware diagnostics image and a it is resolved in the hardware diagnostics image.


If it is not possible to upgrade to the hardware diagnositcs image a workaround would be to remove the Fiber cards temporarily when booting into the hardware diagnostic image. 

When you have completed your needed diagnostics/BMC upgrade power down and re-insert the fiber card and normal operations can continue using the systems software image (SGOS, CAS, ASG, etc)


For instructions on how to uninstall or install the fiber card please refer to the S-Series upgrade and maintenance guide