Adding new outbound routes for Email Security
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Adding new outbound routes for Email Security


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To scan the email that your SMTP server sends, you register the IP addresses of the final points of exit from your network. The final points of exit may be firewalls, routers, or mail servers. The IP addresses that you add must be visible from the Internet. To scan email from a public hosted cloud service, you select the service you require. Currently we support Google Apps Email and Microsoft® Office 365™.

Warning: If you are provisioned to use Boundary Encryption, Policy Based Encryption, Email Continuity, or Archiving services, before making any changes to your email routes, ensure that the necessary IP address requirements for these services are in place. For full details, see the service documentation.


To add an SMTP route

  1. Select Services > Email Services > Outbound Routes.
  2. Click Add and Check new.
  3. Complete the following fields:
IP address

The public IP address or mailhost name of the firewall, router, or mail server that is the point of exit from your network.

Email address

The email address that you want to receive the technical check report. The email address is not used for any other notifications, unless you request us to remember this email address.

Change the email address in My Profile to this address

You can associate the email address with your current portal login account. When you log in next time, your email address is remembered. Note: If your account has shared access we do not recommend that you select this option.


To add a public hosted cloud service

  1. Select Services > Email Services > Outbound Routes.
  2. In Hosted Email Services select the service you require.
  3. You can also select both services.