Modifying Default Software Portal Targets
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Modifying Default Software Portal Targets


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IT Management Suite


When users request software via the Software Portal, there are internal Targets that are automatically built. However, these are not visible within the Symantec Management Console, and therefore cannot be modified.


Symantec Management Platform

IT Management Suite

Software Management


The default "Portal Internal Targets" are hidden from view within the Console, and is by design.


The steps below make the Target(s) visible within the Console, and allow for modifications to be made to the resources used by the Target.

  1. Find the target in the database by running this query:
    SELECT *
    FROM vItem
    WHERE NAME like '%Portal Internal Target%'

    NOTE: Take note of the GUID for this target, and the value under the “Attributes” column.
  2. Unhide the target by changing the value in the “Attributes” column to “0” (0=normal):
    UPDATE Item
    SET Attributes = 0
    WHERE Guid = 'GuidGoesHere'
  3. The only way to view members of a Target, is to modify the Target when it is actually being applied to a Policy or Task.
  4. When you are finished modifying the Target, you can hide the Target again by updating the “Attributes” column to the original value.