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Configure database downloads from an internal server on the ProxySG or Advanced Secure Gateway appliance


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


A future ProxySG/Advanced Secure Gateway release will allow you to configure subscription service database downloads from an internal server. The Management Console and the CLI have been updated in preparation for this feature, although the interface and commands are not yet functional. Refer to the following for details:

Subscription Service 

Management Console Path

(For Advanced Secure Gateway, select the Proxy tab first)

CLI Command Mode

Application Attributes

Configuration > Application Classification > Application Attributes > Download #(config application-attributes)

Application Classification (Intelligence Services data source only)

Configuration > Application Classification > General > Download #(config application-classification)

Application Protection

Configuration > Threat Protection > Application Protection > Application Protection #(config application-protection)


Configuration > Proxy Settings > General > General #(config cachepulse) 
Content Filtering (Intelligence Services data source only)

Configuration > Content Filtering > Blue Coat > Blue Coat

#(config bluecoat)


Configuration > Geolocation > General > Download #(config geolocation) 

IP Reputation

Configuration > Threat Protection > IP Reputation > IP Reputation #(config ip-reputation)
Threat Risk Levels

Configuration > Threat Protection > Threat Risk Levels > Download

#(config threat-risk)



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