Unable to start or stop VIP Enterprise Gateway 9.8.x services running on RHEL 7.x Linux
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Unable to start or stop VIP Enterprise Gateway 9.8.x services running on RHEL 7.x Linux


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Unable to start or stop services for various VIP Enterprise Gateway 9.8.x components (LDAPSync, Manager/Self Service Portal IDP, validation server, etc.) running on Red Hat Linux 7.x

Failed to start service


VIP Enterprise Gateway maintains a version check when components are started. This check is to ensure the version of RHEL is supported. VIP EG may not recognize the version of RHEL 7 as being supported if it is updated subsequent to the original VIP EG installation.  In this scenario, if the server is improperly shut down or the abnormally terminated, the process ID (PID) files for the service already exist from the previous session, preventing the service from starting. These files should auto-generate on service start, then auto-delete on service stop.  

(this issue is resolved in VIP EG 9.9 and later)


If running RHEL Linux 7.x:

  1. Browse to /opt/symantec/vip_enterprise_gateway/validation/servers/<name of validation server>/logs/ and remove the server.pid and server.ppid files.
  2. Download the script vipeg.sh from this article onto all affected VIP Enterprise Gateway instances. 
  3. Modify the file permissions using chmod 755 vipeg.sh 
  4. Ensure that the affected VIP EG components are configured and enabled. If other components are configured at a later time, run the script again. 
  5. Run the script as the user owning the EG installation.#./vipeg.sh This user should have read and write privileges to VIP EG installation directory.
    (Important: The default VIP EG Install path is set to VRSN_MAUTH_HOME=/opt/Symantec/VIP_Enterprise_Gateway. If a custom path was used during installation, enter that install path when the script executes when prompted.)


vipeg.sh get_app