Maximum Email Size Configuration in Email Security.Cloud
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Maximum Email Size Configuration in Email Security.Cloud


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When an email is sent that is bigger than the maximum file size specified in the Email Security.Cloud portal, the email will be blocked by Symantec. By default, the sender, recipient and the anti-malware administrator will receive a notification about an email exceeding the size limit.

Email Size Limit





Emails are blocked due to email size limit configuration in the Email Security.Cloud Portal.


To change the maximum email size limit follow the steps below on your Email Security.Cloud portal:

  • Navigate to: Dashboard > Services > Email Services > Platform
  • Click on the Message Size tab
  • Change the size
  • Click Save
  • Allow about one hour for the change to take full effect before you will be able to receive emails upto the new size limit

The email size that the ClientNet portal uses is based on the final size of the email, post expansion. See INFO3975 for more details.