CASB Audit is Missing Website Data.
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CASB Audit is Missing Website Data.


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CASB Audit CASB Gateway Advanced


CASB Audit features in-depth research on cloud applications such as SaaS, PaaS and IaaS from within your network.  CASB is not designed to give detail on individual websites that users are accessing.


Please see the TechDoc Using Audit

CASB Audit gives you the ability to answer the follow key questions:

  • What unapproved cloud applications are my users using most?
  • Which enterprise cloud applications are the riskiest, and who is using those applications?
  • What cloud services have been compromised in the last 90 days?
  • Which SaaS applications have my users adopted recently that can be risky?
  • Which cloud applications consume the most bandwidth?
  • Which cloud applications are hosted in locations that violate company or regulatory requirements?
  • Which cloud applications fail to meet security and compliance requirements?
  • What alternatives are there to the SaaS applications in use? Are there alternatives that fulfill my users’ needs but are more secure and enterprise-friendly?

The Find and Compare feature searches for applications researched by CASB. If there are services you wish for Symantec to research there is a recomend feature to notify Symantec of your request.