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Symantec Antivirus hasn't updated since November 7th 2018 on Content Analysis or Advanced Secure Gateway


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Content Analysis Software - CA Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG


Symantec Antivirus (AV) has not updated since November 7th 2018 on Content Analysis (CA) version prior to or Advanced Secure Gateway (ASG) prior to version

symantec[6915]: INFO : Stargate has requested a restart.
symantec[6915]: DEBUGGING: CopyDirectory(/opt/symantec/stargate/0, /opt/symantec/stargate/1) called
symantec[6915]: ERROR : copy_directory(/opt/symantec/stargate/0/data, /opt/symantec/stargate/1/data) failed: boost::filesystem::copy_directory: No such file or directory: "/opt/symantec/stargate/0/data", "/opt/symantec/stargate/1/data"
symantec[6915]: ERROR : CopyDirectory(/opt/symantec/stargate/0, /opt/symantec/stargate/1) failed.
symantec[6915]: WARNING : Symantec restart requested: could not create new stargate home


When Symantec AV engine updates, it changes the directory. As the error indicates, there was an issue with the directory generation.


Restart ICAP service.

Restarting the ICAP service will reset the directory pointer to the proper directory, and the system will properly update.

This is a known issue and will be addressed with the updates in Content Analysis version