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Unable to Open an Image Using the Ghost Explorer Tool


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Ghost Solution Suite


After creating a disk image through the 32-bit Ghost Solution Suite console it is unable to be opened with the GhostExp.exe file.

Corruption in image file, or media not present. Not all files are shown.


There have been changes to the compression routines that are used by the Ghost imaging components and the Ghost Explorer hadn't been updated to account for all compression level changes.  


Ghost Solution Suite 3.3


The issues experinaced in earlier releases of GSS 3.3 have been resolved in the 3.3 Release Update.   Please update to GSS 3.3 RU3 and create a new image to be able to then open it in ghost explorer.    Old images won't be modified with the update to RU3 but all new images created will be created in a compatable way so that ghost explorer can be used to open them. 



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