Unable to upgrade PacketShaper software version
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Unable to upgrade PacketShaper software version


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PacketShaper S-Series


During the upgrade process, once you add the image, you will get the "Image upgrade successful. Please reset to activate new image." message, but when you Reset the unit, the unit boots back to the current version.

PacketShaper# setup image add file://<path>

Installing image. Please wait...

Image upgrade successful. Please reset to activate new image.

If you run the "Setup image show", you won't see the newly added image under the list

PacketShaper# setup image show


List of Installed Images


PacketShaper     Release Id: 146516

PacketShaper     Release Id: 203627

PacketShaper     Release Id: 207073

PacketShaper    Release Id: 214083

PacketShaper    Release Id: 219628 (A)

Total 5 images. (A) Active image


This issue is caused by an expired certificate used to validate the images.


In this case, version was released with the new valid certificate.

For the rest of the versions upgrade, you can use the following workaround of changing the date on PacketShaper to November 13th 2018 or before, so that image gets validated for the upgrade.

#setup sntp off

#setup date 201811131200

#setup image add file://<path>

Try the above command twice if it doesn’t take the first time, and the file is still in the 9.258/image directory.

#setup image show

<make sure that the new version shows as the Active image>


#setup sntp on

#me reset