SNMP Supported Versions For DCS 6.7 MP3+
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SNMP Supported Versions For DCS 6.7 MP3+


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Data Center Security Server Advanced


This article describes the minimum recommended version of SNMP for Data Center Security (DCS) and Data Center Security Advanced (6.7 MP3).

This article also describes the locations of where to import the Management Information Base (MIB) to define the objects necessary for SNMPv3 to function.





  • DCS 6.7 MP3 and above
  • DCSSA 6.7 MP3 and above

Note: The Unified Management Console must be fully accessible in order to utilize this function.



Configuring SNMP In DCS 6.7 MP3+

The minimum version recommended for the implementation of SNMP into your DCS environment is:

  • SNMPv3

You can make these adjustments by clicking here or by following these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Integration > Alerts and Notification in the UMC
  2. In the SNMP row, click Edit
  3. In the Edit SNMP dialog, edit the relevant values and click Save

Note: If you are using FireFox and cannot "Add New SNMP Server" from Monitor > Alerts while editing a new alert, be sure to right-click into the new tab to take you to the SNMP configuration page. This is a known issue.

In order to import the MIB:

  1. Locate the original DCS media or ISO file
  2. Mount the file and go to DCS6_7 > 6.7.3 > Symantec_Data_Center_Security_Server_Advanced_6.7.3_ML > DCS Server Advanced > Tools > MIB