Salesforce Securlet activation errors encountered
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Salesforce Securlet activation errors encountered


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  • After the initial activation, attempts to activate Salesforce with additional accounts fail. The Securlet does not successfully activate with additional accounts.
    "The domain name of the authorizing user does not match the primary or the secondary domains."
  • It can also display the following error message when the user tries to activate the Salesforce Securlet. It can display this message even though both Salesforce and CloudSOC have the same user name:
    "Securlet is not activated, because the authorizing user is not an activate admin with proper privileges in CloudSOC."
  • When activating the Salesforce Securlet, you get an error
    "An Administrator from your organization must sign up for the CloudSOC service. Please contact your Administrator."



The email address that is used to activate the Securlet must match the email address of the user in Salesforce. 


• For the "domain name of the authorizing user" error see the following documentation.

Domain mismatch error when activating the Securlet


• For the "authorizing user is not an activate admin" error you should:

Verify that the user logged in to the CloudSOC tenant is a System Admin on the tenant.


• For the "An Administrator from your organization must sign up for the CloudSOC service" error:

Verify that the CloudSOC admin and the SalesForce admin emails match.  It is important to remember that:

"Salesforce user IDs sometimes may look like email addresses such as [email protected] or [email protected], but they are not email addresses. The user account has a separate email address field which may sometimes be the same as user ID."

Update the user's email ID in Salesforce with the appropriate domain. 
In Salesforce, go to setup > users > update users email ID.


• In all cases, the admin/user must have the 'System Administrator' Profile assigned in Salesforce. 

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