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Unable to Push Remote 32-bit Console Due to Invalid Credentials


Article ID: 172994


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Ghost Solution Suite


While trying to push the 32-bit remote console from the Ghost Solution Suite server to another machine you receive a message asking you to confirm your account and password have adminstrator rights on the remote machine.

Please make sure that the user name and password you supplied has Administrator rights on the remote machine.


Ghost Solution Suite 3.x


The installer for Ghost Solution Suite was changed with the release of 3.1 and we are now writing a registry key as part of the remote console push on the remote machine.  We need to have remote access to the registry for the console push to work.


To resolve this issue the Remote Registry service must be enabled and running.  Bring up the Services on the client machine and locate the Remote Registry service.  This service is normally disabled by default.  Enable it and then start this service.  It is now possible to authenticate to the remote machine and push the 32-bit console.  This service can be disabled after the remote console push is complete.