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Email Data Feed - Scheduling the Python script using Task Scheduler


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Email Email Threat Detection and Response


This article describes how to schedule a Python script using Task Scheduler to run at specified times. 


Email Threat Detection and Response


Ensure you have the NdfConfig.json configured for the call wanted (test / all / malware / isolation) and the absolute path created for the cookies and logs. 


To schedule different calls for different jobs, create separate files for scripts & json files for all or malware. Example: allNdfConfig.json &; malwareNdfConfig.json & malwareNdfConfig.json – the call in the script for the NdfConfig.json should have the absolute path. Edit the Python script "" to include the absolute path for the script configuration file "NdfConfig.json" 

Python Config

Scheduling Task:
Open the Task scheduler and create basic Task:

Create Task

Create Trigger:

Edit Trigger

Create Action:
Key point is to start the python program using the arguments for the absolute path to the script file you want to call – use quotes. If doing different scripts for all and malware you need a different task for each one.

Edit Action