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Added Ping Computer Right Click Menu privilege to a security role, but the option is still not available


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IT Management Suite


In the Manage > Computer console, you grant a security role permission to ping a computer when right-click the resource. However, after enable Ping Computer check box in Right Click Menu (shown below):

The option is still not showing up when right-click the resource:


The security role is missing the read permission to the TCP IP data class. Therefore it is unable to display this option.


ITMS 8.1


  • To grant the read permission, first go back to security role settings and select 'Show Security Role Manager Console'
  • Then in the Security Role Manager window, click Add button:
  • From the new window, click the dropdown menu go to Settings > Notification Server > Resource and Data Class Settings > Data Classes > Inventory >  Basic Inventory and then add AeX AC TCPIP data class by clicking the > arrow to add it to the list:
  • Verify the security role has the read permission to this data class:
    • ​​
  • Confirm the option is not available