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Endpoint Detection and Response Advanced Threat Protection Platform


You have heard of, a web site which permits reviewing files uploaded by ATP Platform to Cynic for detonation. The same site also permits manual upload to Cynic. You have questions about this site and how to access it.


  • Q: I already have an account with MSS. How do I add my existing license to access Cynic submission information?
    A: Please see How to register for the Cynic portal when you already have an existing MSS account
  • Q: I don't already have an MSS account. How do I register for
    A: At the bottom of the page, click "Cynic License Upload Wizard". Follow the Wizard and register one (1) email address for access to
  • Q: Can I use my ATP license to register more than one email address for access to
    A: No.
  • Q: Will any Symantec .slf license grant me access to the site?
    A: To permit access, the Symantec License File (.slf) must contain the string dmas and be valid at time of insertion.