Java Access to Management Console (GUI) Pops Up a Security Warning
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Java Access to Management Console (GUI) Pops Up a Security Warning


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Advanced Secure Gateway Software - ASG ProxySG Software - SGOS


Java gives a security warning when logging into the management console.


Java, Windows Machine, Any browser connecting to ProxySG or ASG


Java does not trust the certificate used when connecting to the Proxy over it's https server (default port 8082)


The certificate key for your HTTPS session with proxy is found under Configuration > Services > Management Services > HTTPS-Console > Edit Here you will find what Keyring the Proxy is using for this connection. (Default setting is to use the default keyring. 

To keep from having Java see this as a security warning, it must trust the key used by the proxy for this session. You can obtain this key from Configuration > SSL > Keyrings > default > View certificate > copy to clipboard 

Once you have this, paste it into a notepad and save it as proxyname.csr 

Search for (Configure Java) in the machine affected most likely by pressing the windows key and typing configure you will find it. Once inside the Java configuration settings, click on the Security tab at the top. From here, select Manage Certificates and import the cert you created above.

(Note: This keyring will expire after sometime on the proxy, once it has expired the only way to revive or delete that key is to preform a factory restore. When this has occurred we recommend creating a new key to use for this connection and leave the old default key there. Once the new key has been created apply it to the  Configuration > Services > Management Services > HTTPS-Console > Edit  as seen above.)