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"DHT engine is initializing. Go to retry and wait it to initialize" messages.


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IT Management Suite


The peer-to-peer downloading feature lets you download and distribute the software delivery and patch packages to Windows computers. It minimizes the software delivery time and provides you with a reliable software delivery to all endpoints. The peer-to-peer downloading feature significantly reduces the load on WAN and on the IT Management Suite infrastructure.

P2P package download algorithm consists of many substeps. One of the substeps is DHT engine initialization. During the initialization phase Symantec Management Agent is trying to enumerate all networks from Network List Manager.   If the enumeration is not successful, the engine may get into a loop, packages will not be downloaded.



There are no errors but there are informational messages that indicate, there is a potential problem "DHT engine is initializing. Go to retry and wait it to initialize".

The message is normally followed by another informational message "End download for package: {XXX.EN_US}. Status 4", i.e. the package is in retry mode.


Symantec Management Agent does not gracefully handle situations when there are problems with Windows Network List Manager. 




ITMS 8.1 all versions and ITMS 8.5 (GA release).


The fix has been incorporated into the product starting with ITMS 8.5 RU1.

ITMS 8.1 RU7 users -> download the point-fix  from INFO5191.

The algorithm behind the initialization phase has been enhanced. The agent will build it's own network list based on the existing network adapters, if Windows networks identification  process has not completed. 

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