Error "The RPC server is unavailable"
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Error "The RPC server is unavailable"


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Information Centric Security


  1. When connecting to the webservice to get configuration, you will get "The RPC server is unavailable."
  2. When using mobile devices:
    1. will get the "The RPC server is unavailable."
    2. one minute to load the user profile ("Will load user profile") - huge time to send the email from the phone
    3. emails can be sent duplicated

Both errors are being shown while running DebugView in the ICT server.



Verify the connections to the Domain controller (DC), specifically the connections to the RPC ports:

  • 135 (epmap)
  • high ports (assigned dynamically from 1024 to 65535)

The DC FQDN will appear right bellow the error "The RPC server is unavailable." while running debug view to get more logging information from the webservices.

You can use netstat to check which connections are being made to the DC:

After you get this, you can try to Telnet which one of this ports to validate the connection is possible.

If not, validate with your network team, so they can verify all the connections from the ICT server to the DC.