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Dynamic Groups No Longer Populate After upgrading to GSS 3.3


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Ghost Solution Suite


After upgrading from Ghost Solution Suite 3.2 RU6 or RU7 to 3.3 the dynamic groups within the console are no longer populated.


There was a conflict between the console refresh and how the dynamic group was being refreshed.


Ghost Solution Suite 3.3

Upgraded from 3.2 with dynamic groups


This issue has been addressed with the release of Ghost Solution Suite 3.3 RU1.  Please confirm that you are licensed for this version of the product and then head over to and download RU1.

If you are not eligable for 3.3 code you can continue to use this work around.  Edit your existing dynamic groups and add a second duplicate filter criteria to your existing filter.  Use the operator 'OR', not 'AND' between the criteria.  This may get the dynamic group to populate.