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Error: "Build kernel modules for current kernel version does not exist"


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Endpoint Protection


While attempting to manually compile AutoProtect on a RHEL or CentOS client, a message about missing kernel modules is encountered. Kernel module packages for the Linux client have already been installed.

Mon Jan 1 12:12:12 EDT 2018: starting to build kernel modules of SEP for Linux
Kernel release not specified. Build kernel modules for current kernel version [kernel version]
/lib/modules//build does not exist
Mon Jan 1 12:12:12 EDT 2018: Build failed


The correct kernel modules for the currently loaded Linux kernel are not installed.


  1. Run "uname -r" from the terminal and note your current kernel version.
  2. Run "yum info kernel-devel" and note the release information provided.
    • If there are not any kernel-devel packages installed for your current kernel version, install the correct kernel-devel package for your current kernel.
    • The "yum install kernel-devel-$(uname -r)" command can be used for this.
  3. After installing the correct kernel-devel package, manually build the AutoProtect modules again.
    • The AutoProtect compile will complete.