Information Centric Tagging services crash
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Information Centric Tagging services crash


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Information Centric Security


ICT services crash and the App Pool must be recycled.

So far only seen with mobile service


ICT Mobile


For this to work.  We must make the IIS manager recycle the App Pool before the crash would take place.  (For testing, we recommend 120 minutes.  If you still experience crashing under 60 minutes, please create logs and report to ICT team immediately).


Please follows these steps to set up automatic recycling:
  1. Open IIS Manager
  2. In the Connections pane, expand until Application Pools is visible and select
  3. Select the Application pool for ICT and then select Recycling in the Actions pane
  4. Select the Regular time intervals (in minutes) option and then in the box put the amount of time (in minutes) before the App Pool should be recycled. (example: 120)
  5. Click next and then select events that should be logged when the App Pool is recycled

This is the most straight forward method.  There are actually two other methods for accomplishing this task.  These are listed here.