Information Centric Tagging Endpoint Client update frequency
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Information Centric Tagging Endpoint Client update frequency


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Information Centric Security


User wants to know how frequently Information Centric Tagging (ICT) client connect to Information Centric Tagging administration console. 


By Default, the Information Centric Tagging Endpoint Client (ICT) will check for configuration every 30 minutes.

This means that each client will connect to the server to get an updated configuration every 30 minutes.

From ICT  Client version 14.6 on, the Administrator can set a different value for this so the clients will check for configuration in custom intervals.

For this, the Administrator will need to adjust the following 2 values (in minutes) in the configuration database:

  • RWSpaUpdateFrequency: 30 (default)
  • RWSpaUpdateWindow: 5 (default)


The above values are the default ones. They mean that each client will try to get an updated configuration every 25-35 minutes (a random number between this two, generated on the endpoint).

The minimum values for these parameters are, respectively:

  • 2
  • 1

Step-by-step guide to change the Update frequency values

  1. Access the ICT Configuration Database (e.g.: ICT_CONFIG) in the SQL Management Studio
  2. Run the following command to change those values (adjust the ICT_CONFIG and the [Value] to match your environment):

    UPDATE [dbo].[Configuration]
       SET [Value] = '2'
       WHERE [Variable] = 'RWSpaUpdateFrequency'
    UPDATE [dbo].[Configuration]
       SET [Value] = '1'
       WHERE [Variable] = 'RWSpaUpdateWindow'


  3. In order to force the clients to get this new value, you will need to also change the CONFIG_VERSION value under the Variables table
    1. increment the CONFIG_VERSION value by 1 unit