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Information Centric Tagging using forms authentication


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Information Centric Security


Information Centric Tagging (ICT) allows a different authentication method to login to the Administration and monitoring consoles. Forms authentication can now be used to login to both consoles.

By default, the authentication is set to use the User Principal Name ([email protected]).

This can be changed, to use the username only.


  1. Edit the web.config of the module you want to change - C:\inetpub\wwwroot\RightsWATCH\[Administration|Monitoring]
  2. In the web.config, search for attributeMapUsername="userPrincipalName"
  3. Replace the 2 entries, by changing "userPrincipalName" for "sAMAccountName"

Optionally, you can also change the message in the login page from this (Example):

to this:

Edit the login.aspx asp file under C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ICT\[Administration|Monitoring] and replace the UserNameLabelText="Domain Username (UPN):" for what you want to display to the Admin users.