Plugin not licensed, error 281
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Plugin not licensed, error 281


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Information Centric Security


This error tells us that the user has no license for the mobile plugin.


ICT Mobile


It can also be visible in the device as “Plugin not licensed.”

Please verify that you have the correct mls-key.bin inside c:\inetpub/_wmcs/ICT/RightsWATCH-bb-webservice/bin/RightsWATCH - you can find this next to the license files.

  1. Verify (using regedit) that you have the RightsWATCH webservice value configured correctly - [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Watchful Software\RightsWATCH]
    • Paste the value for the webservice in an IE window, followed by /mlsservice.asmx and try to access it.
    • If there is a problem access this, you will find this in the log files. verify if it is related to a gateway or firewall.
    • If it asks for authentication, and cannot log in, please follow the Disable Loop Back Check described in the RMS Server FAQ section
    • If needed, reconfigure the reg file next to the installers and run it again on the server.  Change the file to have the machine name (not the rms / ICT FQDN.)