Error 191 (Mailer unregistered)
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Error 191 (Mailer unregistered)


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Information Centric Security


(Blackberry E Mobile Gateway) Error 191 (Mailer unregistered)


  1. command line as an Administrator
  2. Go to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ICT\ICT-BB-webservice\bin\RightsWATCH
  3. Type MLSMAILER.exe followed by MLSMAILER.exe /regserver

If this does not work, please check the following permissions:

  • C:\rightswatch-bb-logs - local users (machine\users) have Read&Execute privileges 
  • Local Launch and Local Activation on MlsMailer COM server
    • Execute mmc comexp.msc /32, expand until DCOM Config is visible.  Right click MlsMailer.OutlookInterface as seen in the image below and assign the permissions to INTERACTIVE group or Local Users



If this did not work, Please try the following:

  • Copy the following files and paste them into c:\rightswatch-bb-logs\bin (create the bin folder first if it does not already exist)
    • mls-key.bin
    • mlsmail.bin
    • mlsmail.exe
    • zlib.dll
  • Open a command prompt as Administrator and navigate to c:\rightswatch-bb-logs\bin
  • Register the mlsmail com server by running the following in the command line
    • MLSMAIL.EXE /regserver

Repeat the tests on mobile devices and verify if the problem is solved.