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Common Instalation/Configuration problems with Information Centric Tagging


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Information Centric Security


User wants to know common Instalation/Configuration problems with Information Centric Tagging 


Check ICT correct operation

  • Ensure ICT databases are in place and the SQL server is accessible, use  SQL Management Studio.
  • ICT site and service errors are logged to a file under the User profile running the application pool (ICT service account).
  • Ensure error logging is on by changing Web.Config keys “DebugMode” to “1”.
  • Use a tool to get more logging information (e.g.: debugview)
  • Check: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Temp\rightswatch_<app>.log file for further details.
  • Check ICT services correct operation.
  • Using Internet Explorer locally (running under the identity of a credentialed user) invoke the ICT server web-service to test it:
  • Check Integrated authentication options are configured correctly:

ICT Module Name


ICT Administration console

Windows Authentication

ICT Webservice

Windows Authentication

ICT Monitoring

Windows Authentication

ICT Mobile Mail

Windows Authentication and Anonymous authentication

ICT Mobile Service

Windows Authentication

ICT OWA Webservice

Windows Authentication and Anonymous authentication


For OWA, check:

  • On a CAS server, check Windows\Temp\rightswatch.log file

For Mobile:

  • [Send and receive logs] Mobile generate a log for the user on the root of the disk - c:\rightswatch-bb-logs\[username]
  • [Send logs] C:\user\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Watchful Software\RightsWATCH\debug-logs