Purpose of "Cost Per" Reports in Portal
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Purpose of "Cost Per" Reports in Portal


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Cloud Secure Web Gateway - Cloud SWG


We have a subscription with Symantec for Web Security Service (WSS) which is a one-time payment. What are reports for things like Cost per Day, Cost per Month, etc. in the WSS portal referring to?


The "Bandwidth Cost per **" reports or the "Cost Calculations" under Reports > Report Center > Cost Calculations are legacy reporting functions carried over from the "Reporter" product.

By default, the Web Security Service uses the United States currency value of $0.10 to calculate the estimated costs associated with users' Web browsing.

Change this value if:

  • You want to increase the estimated cost of Web browsing.
  • You want to change the currency to the one used by another country.


  • These reports were mostly used when networks primarily utilized dial-up connections. With the way data is charged in most modern network environments, the reports don't add much value.
  • Payment is not needed for these reports and it can be set to 0 under Account Configuration > Reporting Settings > Cost Calculation for Reports.

Additional Information

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