Unable to PXE boot a VMware client with Ghost Solution Suite.
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Unable to PXE boot a VMware client with Ghost Solution Suite.


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Ghost Solution Suite


When trying to PXE boot the VMware client, it will get the IP address and MAC address listed but never boots into automation.  Physical systems work correctly

Getting message PXE-M0F Exiting Boot PXE ROM when trying PXE boot the VMware host.  This is a generic exiting of PXE message not so much an error but it shows that the client didn't receive what was needed from the PXE server. 


Ghost Solution Suite (GSS) 3.x
VMware hosts


Certain scenarios benefit from having the PXE configuration for both x86 as well as x64 type architectures.  

In the case of some virtual environments the PXE server needs to have both the x86 and x64 boot files present in the boot menu options for the client to boot up.  The proper boot package will be delivered but both must be present.   Meaning that even though both x86 and x64 are available if the 64 bit is selected it will be delivered and the client will be booted to a 64bit automation environment. 


Creating a new configuration with the x86 option selected along with the x64 while creating the PXE boot image will allow the VMware hosts to PXE booted successfully.