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Failed to install / uninstall Information Centric Tagging Client from the Endpoint


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Information Centric Security


 Having some problems installing/uninstalling Information Centric Tagging (ICT) agent from the Endpoint machine. 


If you get an error uninstalling ICT (after trying through Add Or Remove Programs), please try the following:

  • Try to uninstall using the installer of the version that you currently have installed
  • Verify that you have the Information Centric Tagging folder in place (C:\Program Files\Symantec Corporation)
  • Verify that there are no missing files in the installation folder (e.g.: cssecure-client-service.exe)
  • Generate an Uninstall log and send it to Symantec support team (one of the following):
    • msiexec /x {Product MSI file} /l*v log-uninstall-ict.log
    • msiexec.exe /x {PRODUCTID.EN_US} /l*v log-uninstall-ict.log

The Product ID can be retrieved from (PowerShell): get-wmiobject -Query "select * from win32_Product where name='RightsWATCH'" | Format-Table IdentifyingNumber


If you get an error installing ICT, please try the following:

  • Verify that you have the rw-config.ini next to the installer
  • Verify that there are no files from a previous installation - in Program Files and registry
  • Verify that you are using the correct installer according to the bit of the Operating System
  • Generate an Install log and send it to Symantec support team:
    • msiexec /i ict-client.msi /l*v log-install-ict.log