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ICT not able to apply the RMS template when level is selected


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Information Centric Security


Information Centric Tagging (ICT) is not able to apply the RMS template when level is selected

When clicking / selecting the classification levels, the following message will appear:


This happens because ICT plugin, when loading, is trying to enable and disable a template, programaticaly, using the native RMS interface.

The index of the object array is passed to a function, index 1, and then the index 0 is set to 0 to remove the permission of the message and disable the set permissions native drop down.

When the message classification is enabled, the level A/C privileged is usually the first one so we cannot proceed because this is not a RMS template.

In order to fix this, we need to go to the file "" under the sripts folder on Exchange 2013 server, and change the permissionInit(1) to permissionInit(3) - the number is the index of the first template where remove permissions is the index 0.