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Classification buttons missing in OWA


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Information Centric Security


When creating a new email in OWA the classifications buttons are not displayed


First we need to test the OWA webservice locally on ADRMS / ICT Server.  To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open Internet Explorer with a user that has credentials (Press shift and right-click on the Internet Explorer icon and select to Run as a different user)
    1. In ICT server go to OWA webservice by accessing the following link: http://localhost/ICT/ict-owa/csSECURE_OWA_WebService.asmx
    2. Click getConfig, type [domain]\[username] and click invoke.  This will return the information about the Marks and license
    3. If it does not return this information, verify the following things in web-config file (in Exchange server, go to %Program Files%\Microsoft\Exchange Server\%Version%\ClientAccess\Owa\Web.config):
      1. <value>https://[FQDN]/ict/ict-owa/cssecure_OWA_WebService.asmx</value>
      2. web.config_ToMerge content was properly copied to web.config.
    4. Go to ICT administration console, disable all rules applied to email, reset internet explorer and check if the OWA plugin works. 
      1. if it works start enabling rules one by one and reload OWA page, the plugin will stops working when you enable the problematic rule. 
    5. do an iisreset in ICT server.

Also confirm you are not logged into OWA light version.  ICT and ADRMS functionalities are disabled in the light version