SCP has ":443" in the addresses
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SCP has ":443" in the addresses


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Information Centric Security


SCP has ":443" in the addresses


If you register the SCP during the RMS installation, it may corrupt the Certification and the Licensing links to the RMS server.

Certification URL:

On the RMS Server

  1.  Open a registry window
  2. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\DRMS (Note: On some versions you will have a \2.0 folder under that key, so the path should be adjusted t represent this value)
  3. Add a new String key named GicURL (Value name)
  4. In Value data type the address of the certification website without the port (ex.: https://localhost/_wmcs/certification/certification.asmx)
  5. Open the command prompt as Administrator and run iisreset command
  6. Delete the %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\DRM folder

On the Client

  1. Close all Microsoft Office Applications
  2. Retry the AD RMS client operation

Licensing URL:

  1.  Access AD-RMS console
  2. Go to the Cluster Properties
  3. Click the SCP tab and then click Remove current SCP
  4. Select the Cluster URLs Tab
  5. Activate the Extranet URLs (write something in the text boxes and apply the changes)
  6. Deactivate the Extranet URLs and apply the settings.  The address should appear now without the port listed
  7. Close the AD RMS console and re-open it
  8. Go to Cluster Properties
  9. Click the SCP tab, check Change SCP and then click Set SCP...
  10. Confirm that there is no ":443" appended to the end of any of the URLs