Remove SCP registration when reinstalling RMS
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Remove SCP registration when reinstalling RMS


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Information Centric Security


How can I remove SCP registration when reinstalling RMS?


When we uninstall an RMS service, we have to remove the SCP. Without that, a future installation may occur with some errors:

  1. Access AD-RMS console
  2. Go to the Cluster Properties
  3. Click the SCP tab and then click Remove current SCP

If this does not remove the SCP on the AD machine please do the following:

  1. Go to Active directory Site and services
  2. Select the root (Active Directory Sites and services [])
  3. Select view menu and click Show services Node
  4. Expand the directory services\RightManagmentServices and delete the SCP folder

What if I already uninstalled RMS?

  1. Make sure the server you are running this on is an Enterprise Admin on the domain
  2. Download the RMS Admin Toolkit:
  3. Run a command prompt as an Administrator
  4. Navigate to the RMS Admin Toolkit and run the following command:  ADSCPRegister.exe unregisterscp <URL-of-SCP-to-remove>