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Data received from the server running AD RMS didn't match the excepted format


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Information Centric Security


The data received from the server running AD RMS didn't match the excepted format. Contact your administrator for further investigation


The issue can be resolved by going into IIS manager on the server running RMS, expanding the Default website and _wmcs then selecting licensing. Once licensing is selected, please select Authentication in the center pane, select Windows Authentication, then select providers in the actions pane and then move the NTLM option to the top. Here is an image with the major steps highlighted.

This occurs on 2 occasions: when the client tries to access the cluster address with the wrong cluster information (example: https://:443/_wmcs/licensing/licensing.asmx instead of https:///_wmcs/licensing/licensing.asmx -to see if this is happening, check the GIC file in the %localappdata%\Microsoft\DRM file for these addresses) and when the client is asked to authenticate when accessing https:///_wmcs/licensing/licensing.asmx .

If this does not fix the issue, please look at the section of the ADRMS Troubleshooting guide with the specified error message: